Polite LED is a no 1 brand of Pakistan in which we deal in a wide range of lighting products. We choose the best quality for our customers because quality Is our first priority.


We have been working in the lighting business experience for over 13 years, We have been a lighting manufacturer since 2008 who understands what goes into producing quality lighting systems.


We deal in our wholesale office under the name Galaxy Brightino Lights Shah Alam Electric Market in Lahore. And we distribute our products all over Pakistan at wholesale prices. We have now launched a home delivery service for our new wholesale and retail customers.


Our brand Polite Led comprehensive product line includes many indoor, outdoor lights. LED SMD lights and bulbs. Streetlights, street poles, Victoria Pole, Combination of Suspended and Wall Lights, Neon Lighting, Flood Lighting & Fixtures, and others contain products. We personally import the product we are developing from China with the highest quality features. We manufacture a lot of local products made in Pakistan.


We have prominent design and quality of streetlights. That is why our streetlights are approved by the government departments of all the cities of Pakistan. We are very grateful to our customers and vendors who trusted and joined our brand and Our lighting system. Because trusting our customers is our greatest achievement.

Our mission

All the workers of the company are working to develop good products for our customer Mr. Asad Azam Qureshi, CEO of the company looks after all the work processes. They also control every aspect of the production process. Design, development, manufacturing, distribution

Because our mission is to provide our customers with 3 things at once.

1 = Best Quality 2 = Best Services 3 = Best Prices.

Asad Azam Qureshi is the Founder and CEO of
Galaxy Brightino and Polite LED Lights. He began his experimental career in 2007 in the field
of light at just 18 years old. He always likes to work so he became a professional
businessman in a very short time. After much hard work, he opened an office
Galaxy Brightino Lights at Shah Alam ElectricMarket Lahore.

He worked on his idea and started introducing
personal products in the global market under this name
of Galaxy. In this struggle, he worked with his best friend
Noman Tariq and formed a team and added many products
to this list day by day.
After introducing many personal products made in Pakistan. He introduced new China-made products under the name of Polite Led.
He deals in all Chinese imported products himself. And he always checks their products before selling and
tries to provide new design lighting to his customers. He always helps his customers to be polite and guided.
He always puts quality first.

And he is still working on his mission…..

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04237634525,03314009390, 03214740506

Mr. Noman Tariq is the Business Partner and Executive Officer of Galaxy Brightino & Polite LED Lights.
He joined the company in 2013 and began his experience in the lighting business.
He quickly learned all the skills of dealing with customers.
Furthermore, he always showed a capable and united nature.
He gave his best performance in all departments.
He always trusted and stood by Mr. Asad Azam Qureshi
in times of ups and downs.
He worked with intelligence
And her advice became part of a successful business partnership.
He now follows all the company’s sales departments.

Call Now:

04237634525,03314009390, 03214740506